Monday, September 20, 2010

France Bread Pizza a la Skye and Snowe

Skye and Snowe love to eat pizza. They would often ask me to make pizza for them and I did, but with their help. They both helped and it was our breakfast this morning.

We used France bread, it's like a bun, cut in half and laid on a baking tray. I put a teaspoon of Del Monte's Sweet Pizza Sauce on each half and Skye spread it on. Snowe then put the small cuts of Mozarella Cheese, the one we use on sandwiches.

Skye arranged the vegetables on top - tomato slices, onions and green bell peppers. Snowe laid down the bacon strips last.

Baked at 150 deg C on a pre-heated electric oven for 8 minutes and voila, we have an instant pizza.