Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crispy Pata and Fresh Vegetable Salad

We had this for dinner last night. Eio bought about a kilo of pork shoulder last Sunday and asked me to cook it for dinner the next day. I thought, that would take hours to prepare. So, before we started watching Stargate SG1 series on dvd, I washed the pork, placed it in a casserole covered with water, added some salt, black peppercorns, cloves of garlic and onions. After removing the scum as it started to boil, I left it covered for about 90 minutes in low heat. I put it in the fridge in the morning and took it out before 6 in the evening.

While heating the oil in the casserole, I prepared the sauce. I mixed together half cup of rice vinegar, 1/4 cup kum chun soy sauce, minced 2 shallots, crushed a clove of garlic , sliced a piece of green chilli, a teaspoon of sugar, salt and ground black pepper. I also prepared All-around-Sarsa ni Mang Tomas for the kids' sauce.

Before putting the pork in the casserole for deep frying, I added a pinch of salt in the hot oil, Mom said it would reduce the spattering of oil. While waiting again, for the pork to brown, I prepared the veggies. I placed pieces of romaine lettuce, slices of cucumber, tomatoes and fresh mint leaves on the serving dish. The dressing for the salad would be Kewpie's roasted sesame salad dressing.

When the pork is already brown, I added about a tablespoon of cold water in the oil before i took out the cooked pata, TF said to make the skin crispy. And just after taking the photo, hubby arrived. I served this with hot steamed rice and a bottle of sprite. I thought there'd be left-over pata for today but we were able to finish it all last night.

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