Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tree Planting and Champorado and Dried Fish (Tuyo)

It's raining on a Saturday morning in Shanghai. We woke-up early today because Skye and her Dad are going to Minhang district. There is a tree-planting project by the Chinese Government, and they are joining with some of Eio's officemates.
I decided to cook Champorado for our breakfast because Skye and her Dad love it, and I believe it will boost Skye's energy for the day... (chocolate!) and here's how i prepared it, very easy!

For the ingredients:
1 cup malagkit rice
6 cups water
3 tablespoons of Cocoa
1/4 cup White Sugar
Powdered Milk (usually served with evaporated milk, while others prefer adding coconut milk)

How to:
Wash and drain malagkit rice and place in a casserole, add 6 cups of water and let boil until the rice puffs with occasional stirring. Dissolve cocoa in hot water and add to the congee. Let boil for a few minutes, add more water if needed. Add sugar depending on how sweet you like your champorado. Serve with milk.
I usually add sugar depending on who will eat it. Skye prefers a sweeter champorado and not mixing the milk into it.

And she'll eat this way....

I love it with Tuyo,

and Eio, too!

And Skye planted two trees, she said it was fun planting trees.

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