Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Macaroons (chocolatey and lemoney macaroonies)

Yesterday, Skye was looking for a snack and thought of opening a can of sweetened condensed milk. She imagined eating bread dipped in condensed milk, a snack she always loves, easy to prepare and eat. Only after pouring some milk on her small saucer did she find out that there is no more mini-France bread. She said "Oh no, Mommy, I've already poured some milk on the saucer, and there's no more bread. What would I do with this milk?" I said to her, just put it in the fridge, you could still use it once we bought that bread or (thinking)...we can make macaroons. Then she said, "Oh, let's just make macaroons!" I told her to get the recipe folder and prepare the ingredients.

Skye read the instructions, and before I could tell her what to do, she was already beating the eggs when I checked.

She started measuring the sugar when I thought of taking pictures.

She added the condensed milk. I told her to mix until the sugar dissolves.

Snowe asked what she could to do help and I asked her to put the paper liner on the macaroon cups.

and after that, I told her to add the desicated coconut to the mixture while Skye mixes everything.

They helped each other grating the lemon for the flavor.

I divided the mixture into two portions. I added grated lemon for the flavor to the first half. Snowe asked if she could be the one to put the mixture in the cups, so I let her. I was surprised to see that she was able to finish filling all those cups.

Skye had her turn, too. She requested the chocolate flavored macaroons, so I added the melted Swiss dark chocolate (about 30gms) to the other portion of the coconut mixture. It was actually a leftover because Skye was not able to finish that Frey Noir 72% chocolate bar Snowe gave her (she said it's bitter for her taste).

My girls had fun baking. Snowe ate them as soon as it cooled down... and they called it the "chocolatey and lemoney macaroonies" :)

*Macaroons recipe from


Edsther said...

Such sweet girls! Nice post Phynks!

Melanie Cruz said...

wow ang galing nmn ni mummy Pynks at ng 2 girls! thumbs up!