Friday, May 10, 2013

A Letter for Kuya

Dear Kuya Red,

How are you? You've been living away for a long time now but I still remember the last time we had a nice chat. At dinnertime, last Sunday, March of 1992, you were very excited telling us stories about your 3-day camping trip to Mt. Makiling, about how wonderful the place is. You wished to bring home a big piece of tree trunk for your cattleya orchids, they are growing in numbers and you'll be needing an extra driftwood to hang them. And that you've met a beautiful lady with very long black hair accented with so many flowers wearing a shimmering white dress. You brought home a few souvenirs and shared with us the pasalubong you bought along the way from Laguna.

I miss those days when we were young, you've been very protective of me. I miss the days, when you will ask me to go home with you while i'm still having fun with my friends, I'd go mad but I'm afraid you'd squeal to our parents. I've been stubborn but we still get along. I miss the times when you will help me with my assignments especially my math subjects.

Since your illness stole your mind, people laugh at you, sometimes i also do, for the silly things those "spirits" asks you to do. Although in that condition, you seem happy sometimes playing and talking with them, but you get furious when you have misunderstandings.
I believe that people who knows what happened pities you, thinking that if this didn't happened, you'll be able to finish the civil engineering course you were taking. Oh, I wish that, too!

I wish I could make your mind come back to normal like nothing had happened. I wish I have a cure for your illness and let you enjoy the life we all had been enjoying. We are who we are because of you, Mom and Dad.

You had been a great sacrifice for us, your siblings, to be where we are now. I still remember what Mom and Dad said before, that they cannot sacrifice the education their six other children should have, just because of your condition. That's the reason why they couldn't spend all the money they barely have to bring you to the best psychiatrists. But you know how hard they tried, they brought you to different doctors and faith healers. In the end, they relied on their faith that God will heal you in time. They believe that God let this happen for a reason.

I thank all the people around who understands you, who cares for you and who accepted you. I specially thank God for my husband, our sisters-in-law, our brother-in-law and their families who accepted our family in spite of your condition.

I am thankful to God, for the many blessings you brought us. I learned a lot about life, most importantly about God. I saw how Mom bravely casts out those bad spirits who possessed you in the name of Jesus Christ. She was so amazing! Her faith in God, after this happened, can never be shaken. Yes, she asked God why, why He had let this happen to you, but later, she realized He had a better plan. She always ask us to be gentle with you and to understand you.

Mom and Dad love you so much, Kuya. You know, before Daddy died, he was so worried about you, of who will take care of you. He prayed for your healing and asked God to bless all of us.

I'm sorry this happened to you. I hope you'll get better soon .

I Love You!

Your Sister,


A letter I wrote after Kuya's story was aired on Hiwaga before Holy Week. 

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