Wednesday, September 24, 2008

blocked and dead....

This is my second blog account, haaaay. wala naman akong maisulat sa una kong account. Sa friendster blogs yun eh, I cannot access it anymore, blocked yata dito sa Tsina ang fsblogs, kasi naman di ko ma-open kahit ‘yung fs blogs ng iba. ‘di lang pala un pati multiply, hi5 at facebook di ko na ma-open. Sorry sa mga friends na nagi-invite sa mga site na ‘yon, di ko ma-accept ang requests. (sigh…) I hope this one will work fine and I hope I can write here often.

I've been reading blogs for like 3 years now. I’m inspired by those who can write just about anything. I wish I have the gift of writing.

My PC’s still dead (na-virus chuvah), I hope I can resurrect it sooner…. I wanted to post a lot of photos here, na nandun sa HD nun PC (sigh). I just wanna share some of my thoughts, and oh! I also want to tell something about my cooking, what i do as a sahm, my daughters’ paintings, and my mom's love for plants. Hang on!


1 comment:

xhris said...

uy cristina!!! this is nice work!!!
enjoy blogging. post pics if u cant write and the write ur thoughts if u can't post pics. heheheh!!
enjoy blogging!!!