Friday, October 10, 2008

Storing Shrimps or Prawns

I love shrimps! It’s sweet and juicy specially when cooked fresh. It can be cooked in many different ways and can be added to a lot of vegetable dishes. I believe shrimps are rich in Iron and Omega-3 fatty acids.

There are different kinds of shrimps, but my favorite is called “Swahe” in Hagonoy. In my hometown Shrimps and Prawns or Sugpo is abundant (will post about this in the future). Here in Shanghai they are called duixia, and in the wet market they are often sold swimming in a big basin. 

I bought some shrimps yesterday and store it for later use. I always buy them alive to keep them fresh even if I store them in the freezer for weeks. Dead shrimps are smelly and keeping them in the freezer will make them mushy when cooked and of course the taste is different.

I learned from my Dad this simple technique of storing shrimps, he said you should place it in a plastic container and then cover the shrimps with water before putting it in the freezer so it will retain its freshness and won’t turn orange-y.

And true, to my experience I can keep them in the fridge for weeks until needed.

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eio said...

I like it if you just drop the washed shrimp in the pan and stir until it turns orange....hmmmmm