Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vacation 08: The day we went fishing

Skye is very excited to go fishing. Since the day we arrived home from Shanghai first Monday of December, she's been asking my siblings - Tito Kuz and Ninang Chette, to make her a fishing rod, but he is busy with the upcoming battle and gig, and she has to go to work for a week. She's been asking me everyday, "Mom when can we go fishing? I'm very excited!" I just said we should wait until Saturday because that's when everybody's available.
She woke up so early that morning, which is very strange, and went to her Ninang Chette's bedroom and ask her to make the fishing rod. Everything's all set by 9am. Chette made 2 fishing rods and we borrowed 2 extra fishing rods from our cousins. All of us were excited because it's Skye's first fishing experience, and I am excited, too, because it's been a long time since i did this.

So, we're on our way now to the fishpond

setting up...

placing worm on Skye's fishing hook

waiting for her first catch.......

after changing spots

she caught her first big Tilapia fish, Yay! When she felt her rod moved she asked for my help and I told her to pull it up and she did and we were all shouting for joy. She stopped to pose with a smile after covering her face and all from the splashes of water because of the wiggling of the fish, I think she's got mixed emotions. After that first one, she's on her own. She was the first one to catch the biggest fish among us, I caught a what she calls a kid fish and her tita Cath had a tiny fish, my cousins caught some, too, and Chette got all sizes. Skye caught 7 fishes in all, and she was very happy.

Snowe, my younger daughter, was also there trying to catch some fish but she wasn't able to get one, but she enjoyed being there shouting with us evrytime we caught one.

we had our lunch there and caught some more and headed back home.

and the fishes that we caught went into the grill that night, dipped with calamansi juice and soy sauce, Yummy!

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