Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Barbie's Shoe

2010, April 19, @3pm - Snowe came to me crying, she said she can't find her Barbie's other shoe. I remember she's playing by the bathroom's lavatory because she needs water for her toy, a Barbie Seaworld Trainer set. I went with her and helped her look but we couldn't find it. I asked her if she washed the doll, but she didn't answer and started to cry out loud as if she lost something very important to her. You know how babies cry when a mother leaves or a young kid is lost in a mall? That's how she cried and I feel sad for her, but I couldn't comfort her yet. I'm a bit disappointed because we just bought that set of Barbie last Saturday (it was on 50% sale) and as we were opening the package I keep on telling her to take care of the very small items for it might get lost.

When we could not find it, I told her maybe it's flushed down the drain and it's gone forever, she kept on crying and crying. I hugged her and we sat down in front of the computer, asking her what to do now that the other shoe is gone, she said we can make another shoe. I said i don't think we can, she said "we can" and suggested some materials we could use like paper. until she got tired and asked me for milk. She said "Mommy, I want dede." (she's referring to her bottle of milk) I was being mean at the moment, because of what had happened, and I'm trying to test her reactions and teach her a lesson. I said, you want milk? you can't have milk because you lost a shoe! she replied, "but i think I want to drink milk". It made me smile to think that maybe she wants to find comfort from something. We called her Dad and told him Snowe is sad and she couldnt' talk but sob, I explained to him what happened then I gave her the phone, in a few seconds, she was smiling and even laughed at me when I put the phone down. I asked her what Dad told her, she said he'll help her find another pair of shoe. Shush! Well, after a few more minutes of blah, blah, I decided to get her milk, while Ate Skye put away the toys. Skye was telling stories on what could have happened to the other shoe and kept on until Snowe is no longer sad.

5pm: I went to the bathroom to put clothes in the washer and cleaned up the area where Snowe played, I lifted the rug and saw the shoe Snowe thought she had lost. I called her immediately and she was so happy to know that it was just there after all.

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