Friday, January 30, 2009

Fried Milkfish and Nipa Vinegar of Hagonoy

One of my favorite Ulam, Fried Bangus or milkfish, The best when matched with different dippings or side dish - pure vinegar from Hagonoy, fried eggplants, fresh tomatoes and "bagoong" or shrimp paste.
Yes, the dish looks like Daing na Bangus or marinated milkfish but it's not, we just fried it that way. That is, fresh milk fish cut half from the back, head to tail, and divided into four pieces, add a little salt and pepper and it's ready to fry.
Another thing I really miss is the Sukang Hagonoy, just like Sukang Paombong, there's sweetness in it's sour taste, only thing is I'm sure I'm having pure vinegar because it's from my Uncle's Sasahan (nipa cluster) and Tuba (it's like an alcoholic drink among the farmers) straight to the Tapayan (big clay jars).
My Mom prepared this dish many times when we're home back in the Philippines last December, because she knows we really miss the kind of fish not present here in Shang. Thanks Mom!

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