Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Palitaw, Palitaw!
Ilulubog, Lilitaw!

Palitaw, one of my favorite Pinoy Kakanin, it's very easy to prepare and cook. I've been dreaming of this for months.

Made with Glutinous rice flour mixed with a little water just enough to form a ball and pressed to make it shaped like a tongue.

Arrange on a plate while shaping the rest of the mixture. Meanwhile, boil about a liter of water on a pan.

Put the glutinous rice dough in the boiling water.

Wait until they float, it means it's already cooked, and scoop it out.

Submerge in cold water to prevent it from sticking together.


Roll the Palitaw in grated coconut.

Arrange on banana leaves (kailangan yun para kakanin talaga ang dating).

Mix some toasted sesame seeds with white sugar.

You can sprinkle sugar on top or roll it on the sugar mixture and they're ready to eat. Yummy!

No, I didn't cook this. I just watched my TF (Tita Fanny) and Mom while they're busy preparing the snack. I was having coffee when they decided to cook this kakanin and too bad, it's almost done when I thought of taking photos.

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