Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PinoyCook's Baked Macaroni

I've been a stay-at-home-Mom for many years now, 6 years it is, and living abroad has made me focus on experimenting in the kitchen. I've done lots of my Mom's and my TF's recipes, and for the many times I ran out of ideas, I just browse the internet and look for some dishes I never tried before.
One of the websites I got hooked on was shared to me by Mare Hershey where she got her recipe of Bopis. It was houseonahill(dot)net in 2004, where I got the baked macaroni recipe, which is now a hit to most of our friends here and back home. Last November, some friends are asking me to bake for them for their Christmas party, but I was scheduled to fly home first day of December. Oh, I missed that oppurtunity to earn some extra money.
I haven't thanked enough Ms. Connie Veneracion of Pinoycook for the praises I get whenever I serve her bakedmac, and for continuously inspiring us, her readers, to cook at home.
So, this post is to show the many times I was able to put Pinoycook inspired dishes on our table.

This is the first time i made bakedmac , funny because it's on a round tray cannot find rectangular baking pan then, served with Pinoycook's Roasted Chicken. - July 2006

Snowe's 1st Bday - Baked Mac, Pork Menudo, Beef Cutlets with Buttered Vegetables, Roasted Chicken and Chicken Pineapple - November 2006

2 trays of BakedMac i brought for potluck in Pinoy Christmas Party in Shanghai, December 2006

Snowe's 3rd Birthday - Baked Mac November 2008

Bakedmac for the New year's eve of 2009 in the Philippines

Chinese New Year 2009, Shanghai


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Happy New Year!

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Food Safety Training said...

I love baked macaroni. It's one of my favorite dishes of all time. Honestly, even in a strict diet, I still eat it whenever there are posters plastered in the restaurants window or just even smell or see it in the dining table.